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We are Locanix.

Over the years GPS tracking technology has matured and a lot more innovation is possible as a result. Locanix was created to harness the power of GPS tracking and create innovative solutions that enable safety, security and operational efficiency. We try to go beyond the boundaries of traditional GPS tracking solutions in our quest to add more value and solve business problems for our clients.

At Locanix, quality is of utmost importance. We use the most reliable hardware and software that ensure uninterrupted service to our clients. Superior customer service differentiates a business and we strive to make our customer experience the best in the industry. Cost is always a consideration and we constantly look for ways to reduce costs without compromising quality. Locanix partners with multiple hardware manufacturers and constantly tests new products to find the right device at the right price. Locanix employees are held to the highest ethical standards focused on fairness, integrity and loyalty.


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