Temperature Monitoring

Certain types of cargo require specific temperatures to be maintained in the cargo hold to avoid the cargo from being damaged. Some examples of perishable goods are ice cream, dairy products like butter and certain pharmaceuticals. If the temperature requirement is not maintained there is a huge risk of the shipment being damaged in transit and the liability falls onto the transportation company. Locanix temperature monitoring solutions ensure that top of the line sensors are mounted in the area where the temperature has to be maintained and that real time information is transmitted. This creates a safety net and makes sure that the goods are not damaged.

A few features of the temperature monitoring solution are listed below

  • Monitor temperature in the cargo hold in real time
  • Instant Email and SMS alerts if temperature differs from defined thresholds
  • Reports on temperature variance to validate proper transportation
  • Upto Two Temperature sensor probes supported
  • Loss-less signaling protocol for Highly accurate Temperature information

The Temperature sensor probe is made from High-grade Stainless-steel and is chemical resistant. It requires no external power-supply. The sensor is quick and easy to setup and requires no onsite calibration. It can be used in industrial systems and any thermally sensitive system.



Probe Dimensions Length: 150 mm, Diameter: 6.3 mm
Cable Length Up-to 100 meters
Measure Temperature Range ‐55°C ~ +125°C (‐67°F ~ +257°F)
Accuracy ±0.5°C @ ‐10°C ~ +85°C
Probe Material Stainless steel (#304 + #430)
Current Standby: 750nA, Active: 1mA @ 5V
Operating Temperature ‐55°C ~ +125°C (‐67°F ~ +257°F)


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