Locanix Smart-Fleet is a suite of advanced GPS Tracking solutions to help you optimize your fleet. It is hosted on very reliable servers to make sure it is always accessible at anytime anywhere and from any device. You will never miss that critical alert, nor will you be dependent on anyone for updated information about any vehicle.

Whether you need to manage a Large-fleet or make the most out of it, Locanix Smart-Fleet Solution has everything you ever imagined a GPS Tracking Solution could possibly¬†do for you. And as we say, It’s Not Just Tracking, It’s a complete Fleet Management Suite that lets you do everything you need, to manage your Fleet and Drivers far more effectively than ever.

Some of the key questions that Locanix Smart-Fleet can find answers for you are..

  • Are your Drivers taking more than the required time to complete a Job ?
  • Can you confirm engine-off before offloading?
  • How much time does a Driver take to complete a single Job ?
  • How many times in a month has a Customer site been visited by all your vehicles ?
  • How frequently does your Driver engage in Over-speeding or Harsh-Acceleration ?
  • How smart and strong is your Supply-chain ?

Smart-Fleet provides many advanced features some of which are mentioned in the list below. Not to mention that Smart-Fleet already provides everything that is given in Track-N-Trace.

  • Driver Identification
  • Driver Behavior Analysis
  • Device Tampering
  • Delivery time Optimization
  • Route Management
  • Route Deviation Alerts
  • Job-Dispatcher
  • Driver Navigation
  • GPS Antenna Cut Alarm
  • Monitor¬†GSM/GPS Signal Strength
  • Estimated Time of Arrival Prediction
  • Driver Working Hours Reporting
  • Time on Site Tracking
  • CRM and ERP Integration
  • Container Door Sensor
  • Third-Party System Integration
  • Maintenance Reminders
  • Monitor Main-Battery Voltage
  • Impact Alarm
  • Back-up Battery Status
  • Custom POI and Stations Marking on Map
  • Reporting through Graphs and Charts

In addition to all Reports available in Track-N-Trace, Smart-Fleet solution features many advanced reports and custom report development, some of which are displayed below.


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