Fuel Monitoring

Fuel costs are increasingly becoming the main reason for loss in profitability. All transportation providers need to keep a close watch on fuel usage and associated expenses. With the rise in fuel prices on a consistent basis this aspect of transportation is becoming more critical with every passing day. Lack of fuel monitoring could result in serious business consequences and make a business non viable. Locanix fuel monitoring solutions focus on cost savings by addressing operational concerns around fuel utilization in vehicles. With up to 20% decrease in fuel costs this solution could drive profitability for any transportation business. A few features of the fuel monitoring solution are listed below

  • Receive real time reports on vehicle fuel usage
  • Monitor fuel levels using digital accuracy
  • Identify anomalies and fuel theft with the help visuall rich Fuel-Graph
  • Track driving habits and enhance fuel efficiency of vehicles

Our Digital Fuel Level Sensors are designed for precision fuel level measurement in all kinds of vehicles tanks and tanks of fixed installations.

  • Electrical non-interaction with the tank body.
  • Allows cutting “at place” up to 30% of its initial length without re-calibration.
  • Protection of fuel level sensor output from short circuit.
  • Protection from over-voltage (up to 100 V).
  • Stable and exact output signal.
  • Bayonet lock and small overall dimensions of the outside sensor part.


Operating principle Capacitive
Measurement Accuracy 98%
Supply voltage 10..50 V, protection up to 100 V
Operating temperature -40 оC to +85 оC
Current consumption < 10 mA
Output signal digital data protocol over RS232
Length (mm) 1400, 1000, 700
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