Locanix builds innovative SaaS solutions using GPS location information ranging from corporate fleet management to consumer vehicle solutions, with a focus on safety, security and operational efficiency.

Are you dependent on your staff members or drivers for Vehicle Status and Fleet Information and often get incorrect information ? Do you have a tough time getting answers to these questions ? Has that vehicle left the warehouse ? When will this vehicle reach its destination ? Where exactly has the vehicle broken down ? Who is driving this truck Right Now ? Locanix Tracking Center answers all these questions for you in the most convenient way you’d ever expect…







 Finally, A GPS Tracking System that Works! 

A Leading Truck Dealer in Gujarat, India.

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Real-time Tracking

Get the latest status of all your vehicles on an always online, easy to use and intuitive interface. Gain total control over your fleet. Get alerted every time a defined rule is violated.

Track History

View every place your vehicle has traveled to. Go back in time over the last 30 days and review complete vehicle activity with Auto-replay of the Track.

Insightful Analysis

Spot the problem area quickly or find the problematic driver instantly. Identify vehicle usage patterns and driver behavior analysis. Save money by increasing efficiency.
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